Sumida Adds New Inductors

Using flat wire windings to keep DC resistance low, Sumida has added a new power inductor to its portfolio, also two high current inductors constructed with a low-loss ferrite core. The new products join an extensive lineup of inductors from the company. 

The power inductor, CDEPH6211 shown above, is characterized with high current power supply and low resistance. It can be used in consumer electronic applications such as server, desktop, DC-DC converters, battery powered devices, high current power supplies. The flat wire windings provide exceptionally low DC resistance, says Sumida. The product is magnetically shielded and can operate in a wide temperature range, suitable particularly for compact digital amplifiers and radio audio amps. 

High current inductor from Sumida 

The high current inductors, CDB48D64 and CDB62D78, like other types in the CDB series, are in magnetic shielded surface mount structure and constructed by low loss ferrite core with low DCR tolerance and high efficiency. They have a broad range of applications particularly in voltage regulation for electronic systems. See