Nanocrystalline Alloy from Vacuumschmelze Optimized for High Frequency

Vacuumschmelze has developed a new addition to its family of nanocrystalline alloys which are characterized by excellent magnetic properties at high frequency. Vitroperm 550 HF enables next-generation components with optimized size and weight at highest noise suppression, especially in the high frequency range, the company says. 

“This alloy enables our customers to achieve cost and volume advantages or to significantly increase the attenuation of their design”, says Susanne Ganz, head of product management ECA at VAC. “This allows us to markedly improve many of our customers’ existing designs and prepares us for new, more compact designs”. 

Basically, it optimizes all magnetic core properties. The result is a material with excellent performance, especially in the HF range with a high permeability and low losses, making it suitable for common mode chokes in solar inverters, wind turbines, switch mode power supplies, frequency converters and charging units for battery charging in electromobility. 

Due to the improved HF performance, it enables reduced volume and weight of up to 60 % compared to previous nanocrystalline solutions. It also offers attractive characteristics for use in power transformers in many applications due to the significantly reduced losses. Thus, either the costs can be reduced or the performance of the system can be improved in the same installation space, since either substantially less material is required or the attenuation is significantly increased. In some cases, a higher EMC class can be obtained as a result. The new material is available as a core in several standard sizes, in customer-specific dimensions or as a common mode choke.  For more info, see