EV Power & Propulsion Systems Deliver Maximum Electrification Properties With Components Containing Magnetic Metals’ Tape Wound Toroidal & Cut Cores 

Magnetic Metals’ tape wound toroidal & cut cores deliver the essential magnetic properties and efficiencies required for: 

  • Transformers that power EV Charging Stations, 
  • Transformers that control & monitor AC induction & DC motor performance 
  • Power supplies that charge EV battery packs, 
  • GFCI’s used in Electric Vehicles, 
  • Inductors, converters & inverters 

Our tape wound toroidal & cut cores are specifically designed to achieve the near-perfect magnetic circuits that: 

  • Outperform transformer laminations, 
  • Minimize electrical losses,  
  • Reduce component size & weight, 
  • Increase power density,  
  • Maximize performance characteristics 

In addition, we utilize the most advanced grades of soft magnetic materials, provide short turnaround times, and offer both standard and custom cores.  

Contact us today to discuss which magnetic materials and core designs will give you EV components with maximum electrification properties. Call 856-964-7842 or visit www.magneticmetals.com