Filtered Inlet Boasts Enhanced Attenuation in the Same Compact Package

SCHURTER expands its IEC filtered inlet family to include the latest 5124 series, which achieves a much higher attenuation than earlier series 5120 and 5123. The enhanced filter performance is achieved by
incorporating the latest in high-performance components while maintaining the same package dimensions. […]


When EMC is of Vital Importance

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not only mandatory in medical technology. If wireless communication between medical applications gets disrupted, it can have serious consequences for the patient. SCHURTER works together with developers in the medical industry to develop applications that comply with the strictest EMC standards. […]


Schurter EMI Test Circuit Boards for High-inductance Nanocrystalline Cores

Schurter is now offering test circuit boards for its DKIH-1 and DKIH-3 high-current chokes that enable a product designer to easily set up an electromagnetic interference filter circuit for 1- or 3-phase systems. Its new DKIH series has a nanocrystalline ring core which the company says provides eight times […]