Pulse Launches First High Isolation Surface Mount Gate Drive Transformer Series

Mar13_PulsePulse Electronics Corp. has expanded its high isolation gate drive transformer line with a new surface mount series using its patented Sidecar package. The PH9400 series provides isolation in MOSFET and IGBT drivers in industrial applications such as motor drive circuits and solar inverters and for power supplies for a range of medical devices. This series offers a SMT alternative to the existing THT P058xx series while increasing the volts-second capability by up to 300 percent.

“Pulse’s patented Sidecar package has the coil inserted at one end of an open package with the high isolation pins placed at the other end. This configuration isolates the coil from pins achieving a greater creepage distance between them,” said Gerard Healy, product manager, Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit (Pulse Power Division). “This compact construction allows for a larger core to be used, thereby increasing the volts-second capability, while reducing the size and increasing the creepage distance by 50 percent in comparison to the existing THT solution.”

Pulse’s PH9400 series is being tested to a constant working voltage of 600 Vrms and beyond. Basic and reinforced insulation versions are offered which are compliant with IEC 60950, IEC 61558 and IEC 60601. They are available in T&R packaging with starting prices in the range of $1.25 to $1.49 (FCA HK). Lead time is eight weeks. Samples are available on request. Further details are available on the datasheet located at http://productfinder.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/P774.pdf, or contact Pulse at ghealy@pulseelectronics.comor www.power.pulseelectronics.com/contact.