TDK Adds Full-Redundancy Safety Features to TMR Angle Sensor Portfolio

TDK Corporation is expanding its tunnel-magnetoresistance (TMR) angle sensing portfolio with the addition of a model that features full redundancy while it simultaneously measures speed, direction and motor position. The redundancy features satisfy newer, more stringent automotive safety requirements. […]


Magnetometer for Constellation Satellites Designed by Billingsley Aerospace & Defense

The satellite constellation market is growing rapidly, creating new requirements for magnetometry to guide the clusters of small satellites being launched into orbit for earth observation and communications networks. Size, economy, reliability and, of course, precise accuracy are all key factors for constellation satellites. […]


Magnetic Sensing by Variohm for Modern Agricultural Machinery

As part of the many sensor technologies now widely employed in smart farming, where sophisticated monitoring and control is now universally applied to optimize crop production, mobile agricultural machinery manufacturers are increasingly utilizing precision sensors as part of the equipment and systems they produce to till, seed and harvest crops. Magnetic sensors are fielding many of the challenges. […]


Flexible Magnets Manufacturer Maghold Expands North America Operations

Magnetic media manufacturer Maghold Llc of Rancho Cucamonga, California has relocated its headquarters and warehouse to a new, expanded site with increased inventory and distribution capabilities. The new premises include 2 large warehouse spaces to almost triple their previous location.   “We have moved into […]


Paragraf Strides toward Commercializing Graphene-Based Hall Effect Sensors for Highly Precise Magnetic Measurement

In June, Paragraf embarked on a working partnership with the Magnetic Measurement section at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, with both parties set to demonstrate how new opportunities for magnetic measurements are opened up through the unique properties of its graphene sensor, particularly its negligible planar Hall effect. […]


Spintronics Pioneer NVE Introduces New Magnetic Sensing Capabilities

Spintronics pioneer NVE has introduced two new devices that bring powerful sensing capabilities to design engineers. One is a noncontact tunnel magnetoresistance encoder sensor, depicted above, that can replace optical encoders. The other is an ultraminiature magnetometer sensor that can sense magnetic fields up to a remarkable 1.5 tesla. […]