Pulse Electronics Rolls Out New Power Magnetic Components with Advanced Designs and Winding Technology

Pulse Electronics continues to innovate and bring to market advancements in power magnetic products including new transformers that have twice the power density of their forbears and a series of chokes that use the automated round wire coil forming technology developed originally for its high current inductor product line.

Leveraging the research presented in the company’s 2019 APEC presentation, “Power Transformer Core Optimization Enables Dramatically Increased Power Density, Pulse has released an improved DC/DC transformer series that maintains the industry standard footprint but doubles the component power density to over 11W/cm3. Its new EP7+ series and EP10+ series, depicted above, achieve the performance enhancement by using three-dimensional finite element analysis to balance the flux utilization in the core, thereby minimizing AC losses and increasing saturation currents. The series is comprised of twenty-four parts designed for continuous mode flybacks and active clamp forwards ranging in output power from 17W to 35W. 

“Pulse is able to use our sophisticated design skills, knowledge of proximity loss minimization and understanding of our customers technical roadmaps to anticipate the market needs and continually improve magnetic component performance,” said John Gallagher, product marketing for Power PBU at Pulse. Although primarily designed for PoE and PoE+ applications, including IP phones, security cameras, instrumentation and automation test equipment, they are also suitable for most low voltage switch-mode power supply designs. 

Pulse transformers with sidecar construction 

Earlier this year, Pulse expanded its range of surface mount current sense transformers with the introduction of its first safety standard compliant products with high isolation and enhanced insulation. 

They use the company’s patented sidecar construction, developed for its high isolation transformer series, where the primary winding is molded into the plastic base forming a solid insulation barrier and allowing a compact size. 

“Our existing product line for surface mount current sense transformers, including the ever popular PA1005 EE5 series, remain the component of choice for applications that require just functional insulation. However, many emerging applications require at least basic insulation, particularly where current needs to be measured across different ground planes. This is a typical requirement for EV applications with high voltage battery packs. The AEC-Q200 qualification of both platforms make these automotive ready solutions,” said Healy about the new products. 

New Common Mode Choke Series 

    In March, Pulse expanded its range of surface mount common mode chokes with the introduction of the PA5140/41 series that use the fully automated round wire coil-forming technology developed for its high current inductors. The new series offer the highest available current in a surface mount package, says the company. 

Two platforms offer inductances from 110uH to 470uH with currents up to 32A. The cores have been designed around the coil dimension to minimize the component size, offering a higher-density inductance per current solution. The high permeability ferrite material minimizes the number of turns and, thus, the DC resistance, resulting in their high current rating. 

“Traditionally, our customers have selected our popular toroidal inductors solutions to deliver a surface mount filtering solution. However, these platforms are less space efficient and the current capability is limited by the older technology termination style,” said Healy. 

The new self-leaded round wire coil technology allows for larger wire and higher current carrying capability in a more compact construction. The new products allow for a 60% reduction in board spec for the same inductance and current capability while the fully automated winding reduces cost. The resultant impedance is ideal for the EMI filtering requirements of modern applications making them well suited for any high-performance application in the data communications, computing, industrial and aerospace markets. 

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