7400-S VSM Offers Higher Field Strengths, Enhanced Performance

Mar13_Lake-Shore_7400-S-SeriesLake Shore Cryotronics’ 7400-S series vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) is developed on the capabilities of the 7400 series VSM, delivering improved performance in the measurement of various sample materials. The VSM is suitable for magnetic material characterization applications.

The 7400-S VSM has an improved design and is available in all sizes with increased field strengths. The 4-inch offers up to 2.63 T strengths; the 7-inch, up to 3.05 T; and the 10-inch magnet version, up to 3.42 T. The 7400-S VSM also offers faster field ramping, better field control, and updated controller with improved gaussmeter sensitivity and new, quick-swap detection coils with enhanced detection efficiency. The system also comprises an improved PC/monitor workstation that allows users to easily carry out measurements by using the software’s Windows interface.

In addition, the system allows the extraction of multiple parameters from hysteresis loop data during the testing of samples in liquid, solid, thin film or powder form. The 7400-S VSM is applicable for first order reversal curve (FORC) data acquisition using Lake Shore’s free downloadable utility.