Allied Minds’ Subsidiary Spin Transfer Technologies Produces Successful Prototype

Allied Minds has announced that its subsidiary, Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc. (STT), has successfully demonstrated its Spin Transfer Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory (ST-MRAM) technology through the production of a working prototype device. This milestone achievement also proved the Company’s advanced prototyping magnetics processing line at its facility in Fremont, California, is now fully operational.

The prototypes incorporate proprietary, performance-enhancing ‘spin-filtering’ technology, and were fabricated on industry standard CMOS wafers sourced from a high volume Asian foundry supplier. STT was able to demonstrate ST-MRAM that delivers fully operational integrated memory functionality.

ST-MRAM is a patented technology and is a new and attractive alternative to current memory technologies such as Flash, and both Dynamic and Static Random-Access Memory (DRAM and SRAM). As such it delivers the benefits of high-speed volatile memory (DRAM and SRAM) and non-volatile memory (Flash) in one solution, making it suited for a range of target markets including mobile devices, data storage systems, industrial, automotive and cache memory. The memory market generates revenue in excess of $60bn per annum.

Chris Silva, Allied Minds CEO, said “This is a fantastic achievement for Spin Transfer Technologies. They have successfully demonstrated that they have created a new solution that brings performance advantages to the global memory market. STT is one of our most valuable subsidiaries and today’s milestone of a functioning prototype is a critical step in bringing the technology to market.”

Barry Hoberman, CEO of STT, said “This demonstration of a functional memory device is a critical milestone, and paves the way to commercialization. Using 60 nanometer perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction devices, our technologists have successfully integrated our proprietary memory design on standard CMOS wafers at our state-of-the-art clean room facility. This pioneering development puts STT at the leading edge of product innovation in this industry. ”