e-Power Technology

Polyphase Wireless Transfer for EV Charging Reaches New Levels at ORNL 

Using polyphase electromagnetic coupling coils with rotating magnetic fields to boost the power, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated breakthrough performance for wireless charging of electric vehicles. A recent series of prototype demonstrations have established the effectiveness of the technology, which ORNL is seeking to license to manufacturers. More research is focused on developing even higher power levels suitable for larger vehicles, getting the system to mass production-level readiness and exploring more applications. […]


Hitachi Energy Acquires COET; Extends Transient Voltage Protection to Liquid Transformers 

In two recent developments, power equipment manufacturer Hitachi Energy has acquired COET, an Italian specialist in high-voltage switching products, and has also extended its transient voltage protection technology into liquid-filled distribution transformers. It combats the […]


Radiant to Unveil Test Platform at Ferroelectric Meeting in Tel Aviv 

Later this month in Tel Aviv, attendees at the 15th International Meeting on Ferroelectricity will be able to check out the latest development in piezoMEMS analysis by Radiant Technologies. The high-resolution angstrom-level measurement platform is an exciting step forward in the development and testing of thin film piezoMEMs devices, says the company, known as a leading developer in the field of ferroelectric, magnetoelectric, pyroelectric, transistor material and piezoelectric testing. […]