Melexis Develops Hall-Effect Switches for Fluid Level Sensing 

Belgian semiconductor company Melexis has developed a new plug-and-play Hall-effect magnetic switch for fluid level measurement. Based on its Triaxis technology for measuring changes in magnetic flux density along the X, Y and Z axes, the tiny, contactless and programmable IC provides an alternative to Reed switches for liquid level measurement. 

The floating switches deliver continuous level sensing with programmability allowing product designers to fine-tune the modules so they are optimized for their specific application. The devices can be factory trimmed (MLX92361) or adjusted by the customer (MLX92362). 

The new Hall switch devices can directly replace reed switches without the need for implementation changes or additional wiring, emphasizes Melexis. They have much smaller dimensions compared to reed switches, providing a 5x reduction in form factor, says the company. Without moving parts, the solid-state components offer greater reliability and longer working lifespans. They eliminate mechanical wear and tear issues including failure rates that reed switches may exhibit during module assembly. 

“The MLX92362 and MLX92361 once again highlight our leadership in magnetic sensor technology, obsoleting mechanical or reed switches for level sensing. Our customers benefit from better quality when implementing liquid level measurement or contactless load switching,” states Dieter Verstreken, Global Marketing Manager Position Sensors at Melexis. “Use of silicon on insulator technology provides an output that is completely isolated from the supply voltage. Our advanced Triaxis magnetic sensing leads to far higher accuracy and reliability.” For more info, see