iC-PVS: Magnetic Encoder ICs flexibly rethought

Rugged and versatile: The iC-PVS from iC-Haus is a high-performance Hall sensor IC suitable for incremental or absolute position sensing. It generates analog sine/cosine signals which can be used as inputs for downstream high-resolution A/D conversion. For absolute position sensing, an ultra-low power battery-backed magnetic period counter is integrated. On main power shutdown, iC-PVS automatically switches to battery supply and keeps track of the absolute position. iC-PVS operates with pole wheels or linear scales with a pole width of 1.0 mm up to 2.5 mm. Ferrous gear wheels with a gear tooth module of 0.3 up to 1.5 can be scanned by using a back-bias magnet. With the internal interpolation stage, iC-PVS can also be used as a stand-alone absolute or incremental encoder with up to 6-bit resolution per magnetic period. The serial I/O interface supports the BiSS-C, SSI or SPI protocol. Additionally, incremental (ABZ) and parallel output modes are available. Learn more.