numares Sets Up for Expansion in U.S. Diagnostics Market 

With its proprietary Magnetic Group Signaling technology at the core of its system for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, German diagnostics company numares appears poised for significant expansion in the U.S. Recent steps have included adding to its supervisory board to support commercialization of diagnostic tests running on its Axinon system and applications for FDA clearances. The system represents a collaboration with Bruker, maker of the Ascend line of superconducting magnets. 

Based in Regensburg, numares is an innovative biotech firm that applies machine learning to metabolomics and other biomarker data to develop advanced tests for high-throughput use in clinical diagnostics. Its Axinon system employs advanced nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to evaluate metabolic constellations using its Magnetic Group Signaling technology. The system enables NMR for highly standardized and rapid throughput testing, helping automate metabolic tests for cardiovascular, kidney, liver and neurological diseases. 

It can reproducibly elucidate metabolite constellations from an NMR spectrum enabling simultaneous, highly standardized analysis of metabolites in human samples like blood and urine. The platform is used to develop and deploy novel diagnostic tests in clinical laboratories that identify a set of metabolites, so-called “biomarker constellations,” via machine learning algorithms. More than 400 metabolites can be identified within one run. 

“With MGS, we evolved NMR to a fully automated system applicable to routine analysis. It enables diagnostics with excellent precision and comparability. MGS®-generated data can be analyzed by several other Axinon tests and reveal new diagnostic information.” — Dr. Daniela Baumstark, head of lipoprotein analysis & data processing at numares 

Its pipeline of new tests for commercialization in the U.S. include two that are in application for FDA approval, one being Axinon GFR(NMR), a novel multi-marker kidney function test, and the other its Axinon LDL-P test. The company also licenses the technology and research methods underlying its diagnostic products to other life science organizations. 

In support of its diagnostic strategy for continued expansion and launching of in vitro diagnostic products in the U.S., the company recently added to its supervisory board Dr. Gregory Heath, a longtime executive in the diagnostics and life science industry. 

Winton Gibbons, CEO 

“Greg is a great addition to our Supervisory Board. His extensive experience in the diagnostics industry will help numares to commercialize its pipeline of new tests in the US. These include AXINON GFR(NMR), a novel multi-marker kidney function test, recently submitted for FDA clearance,” commented Winton Gibbons, CEO. 

Based on a longstanding collaboration, the agreement with Bruker was formalized in 2021, combining numares’ expertise in leveraging metabolomics for software-based diagnostics with the nuclear magnetic resonance technology of Bruker. The effort is expected to pave the way for market entry of numares’ NMR diagnostics under FDA regulations, a prerequisite to making it accessible to all patients as day-to-day applications in routine clinical diagnostics. 

“Partnering with numares will bring our technology to the frontline healthcare industry, where it is most needed,” said Dr. Iris Mangelschots, president of Bruker Biospin’s Applied, Clinical & Industrial division. “NMR technology delivers the robust and reproducible results needed to support the advanced AI modelling techniques deployed by numares.” 

Bruker has specialized in the design and production of magnets and cryogenic systems for several decades, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of superconducting magnets for NMR. Its Ascend line is designed with smaller magnet coils for a significant reduction in size and weight from earlier models, allowing easier siting in testing facilities. For more info, see and