MultiDimension Technology Magnetometers Tailored for Magnetic Sensor R&D

MultiDimension Technology has released two new models of three-axis digital magnetometers for high-resolution 3D magnetic field measurement. They can be particularly useful for application developers working on research and development that involves magnetic sensing. “With open USB communication protocol, these magnetometers […]

Software and Design

Infineon Launches Advanced Hall Sensor for High-Safety Automotive Systems

Infineon Technologies has introduced a monolithically integrated linear Hall sensor which was developed entirely according to new high-safety standards automotive applications. It has very high magnetic sensitivity allowing the use of relatively small magnets, lowering typical magnetic component costs, […]


Tech Tips: Using Precision Anistropic Magnetoresistive Current Sensing to Optimize System Performance

By Khagendra Thapa, Aceinna  There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the embedded electronics community for higher efficiencies and better system performance. This is due to multiple factors from thermal management issues, to increased power densities, to […]