MDT offers High-performance and Multi-function TMR Magnetic Sensors for Battery-operated Sensor Applications

MultiDimension (MDT-Dowaytech) supplies TMR magnetic switch sensors for battery-powered industrial, consumer, automotive applications and home appliances including flow meters, liquid-level sensors, tamper detection sensors, activation switches, pneumatic cylinder sensors, and rotary position/speed sensors. They feature a combination of unique performance metrics in ultra-low power consumption, high-speed operation, and programmable switching sensitivity.

The TMR110x/TMR120x/TMR130x series feature unipolar/bipolar/omnipolar operations in high-speed, always-active operation under 1.5 microAmpere current consumption. Along with the TMR134x series designed with an open-drain output and the recent programmable TMR13Dx series adding factory-preset sensitivities, they offer low-power and real-time response simultaneously with enhanced versatility for diverse application requirements. The TMR136x series further achieve 200 nanoAmpere ultra-low power with fast 50Hz power-cycling for extended battery life.

MDT will exhibit at Sensors Converge, June 28-29, in San Jose CA. Visitors are welcome to register for a free pass with promo code 3894. Please contact for sales and technical inquires.