Caylar Readies New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gaussmeter 

French instrument maker Caylar is developing an updated new gaussmeter for the scientific research community that uses nuclear magnetic resonance technology for high-resolution measurement of magnetic fields. The company expects to launch the NMR20 Version 2022 Gaussmeter in July. 

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The instrument is designed to provide absolute measurement of the magnetic field without influence of temperature. It can measure magnetic fields from 0.014 T to 13 Tesla with an absolute accuracy better than 0.5 µT without temperature drift, according to Cedric Germain, director. It will become the successor to the company’s NMR 2 Gaussmeter (DRUSCH NMR Teslameter). 

The instrument features a front-panel display and can quickly search the NMR signal in less than 1 second. New, very thin low-field probes are available and are adapted to radioactive environments without any active electronics. It also has high gradient tolerance, which ranges depending upon the probe, plus a number of other new features. Two additional options are being added as part of the development process, Germain told Magnetics Magazine in April –current source for gradient coil and digital oscilloscope to see the NMR signal with a full automatic mode.  

Currently celebrating its 20-year anniversary, Caylar specializes in instrumentation and accessories for the measurement of magnetic fields for scientific research with products such as electromagnets, power supplies and gaussmeters. The company is located in Villebon-sur-Yvette, near Paris. See