iC-MH16: a Flexible Magnetic Position Sensor for Fast BLDC Motor Controls and Serial Absolute Encoders

Nov15_iC-HausThe iC-MH16 is a one-chip solution for magnetic sensor applications in fast motor control units. Combined with a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet, the device in a QFN28 5 mm by 5 mm package can be used to create a robust, universal encoder for motor commutation and positioning. The chip contains a Hall sensor array with signal amplification control, a FlexCount interpolator delivering incremental (ABZ) and latency-free commutation (UVW) signals, integrated RS422 line drivers, and a serial SSI/BiSS interface.

The FlexCount interpolator delivers all interpolation factors from 1 to 1024, representing resolution of 4 to 4096 angular steps per turn. The high incremental edge rate of 16 MHz enables applications with rotation speed of up to 200,000 rpm. The UVW commutation signals are available for any pole pair count ranging from 1 to 16. The incremental signals have been implemented as configurable RS422 line drivers, enabling the device to be perfectly adapted to suit various line lengths and transmission rates.

iC-MH16 aims at industrial, automotive, and medical applications, such as:

  • Fast motor control with short sensor latency
  • Speed control of up to 200,000 rpm at 12-bit resolution
  • Absolute angle measurement
  • Absolute encoders with serial output (SSI, BiSS)
  • Replacement of optical encoders and resolvers

A synchronous serial SSI and a bidirectional BiSS-C interface is also integrated for data output. The resolution, hysteresis, edge distance, zero position of the ABZ and UVW signals, and direction of rotation for iC-MH16 can also be configured via BiSS-C interface. These settings can be permanently stored in a one-time programmable ROM.

An automatic gain control compensates for variations in the Hall sensor signals due to fluctuations in the ambient temperature or changes in distance to the magnet.

iC-MH16 operates on a supply voltage of +5 V (±10 percent) within an operating temperature range of -40 to 125°C. Production volume is available and can be ordered at $7.86 in quantities of 1,000 pcs.

Further information is provided at http://www.ichaus.com/MH16.