Magnetics Magazine Expands to Meet Electrification Market Growth 

Magnetics Magazine has expanded throughout its media platform to meet surging demand in key growing markets that it serves. Substantial increases in magazine circulation, original content, website audience and e-newsletter distribution have all been made over the past year. New specialty brands have been established to serve growth in electrification markets. 

“Many of the large, primary markets that we serve are embracing dynamic change and growth due particularly to global trends in electrification,” said Scott Webster, director of content and sales for Webcom Communications Corp., the publisher. “Product developers and manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, aviation, defense, medical, scientific research, electronics, industrial and other markets are racing to transform their products and lines of business in ways that require increased dependence and innovation in the field of magnetics.” 

Virtually all fundamental metrics for the media platform reflect the growth. Website activity has more than doubled in recent two years and grows monthly at a robust pace. Audience size served regularly by the magazine and its digital media have grown to more than 100,000 worldwide while total reach now exceeds more than 200,000. Strong, continued support by our readers and advertisers have paved the way along with a surge in new viewers and business partners, he noted. 

Related new additions to the Webcom portfolio include the e-Power Technology media platform serving the electrification market sectors of powertrain design and manufacturing, as well as the fuel cell and hydrogen sector. 

“Through our focused media platforms, supported by the broad, global multi-industry reach of Webcom, we have become an increasingly powerful and trusted marketing partner for our clients,” said Webster. “For marketers, now is the time to work with us to plan programs for 2023 to achieve greatest value and best results. The 2023 Media Kits are out now and available at and”