HTS Tape Manufacturers Scale Up for Magnetic Tokamak Growth for Fusion Energy 

The prospect of carbon-free energy from fusion has accelerated the development of tokamaks in recent years, driving the demand for high-temperature superconductor (HTS) tape, the technology at the heart of the extremely strong electromagnets used to confine plasma in magnetic-confinement fusion reactors. Now, manufacturers of HTS tape, notably Faraday Factory and Fujikara, both located in Japan, are ramping up their production capabilities and deliveries as the global demand for HTS tape is expected to grow tenfold in the next five years. Lasers from Coherent Corp. are playing a key role.  […]


Magnetism May Have Given Life Its Molecular Asymmetry 

Living things are asymmetrical, even at the molecular level: Although many essential biomolecules exist in distinct mirror-image forms, cells tend to use just one of those forms exclusively. An article in Quanta Magazine sheds light on the concept of chirality and research into its origins involving primordial magnetism. A few excerpts of the fascinating article here: […]


Beckman Life Sciences Expands New R&D Hub in Colorado 

Beckman Life Sciences, a leader in magnetic separations technology for laboratories, has completed the first phase of its new research and development hub in Colorado with the opening of a $10 million facility in Loveland and now is working on a second phase set for opening next year. The first complex, opened in January, is 56,000 sq ft for office, technology development and customer engagement centers. The second phase will add 37,000 sq ft of manufacturing operation attached to the office site. […]


MagLab Hunts for Breakthroughs in Medical and Biotech Research; Philips Taps in via MagCorp 

Two programs involving MagLab, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory headquartered at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, illustrate one of its unique capabilities — as a center of cutting-edge research for advancements in medicine and biotechnology. One program involves renewed funding from the National Institutes of Health for several efforts in nuclear magnetic resonance; the other an agreement for collaboration between MagCorp, an innovative new commercial partner with the lab, and medical equipment maker Philips seeking new breakthroughs in reduced-helium magnetic resonance imaging.  […]


Time Medical MRI Charges Ahead with Production of Neonatal MRI in Hong Kong

With US FDA clearance in hand and a new production facility in Hong Kong, Time Medical is charging ahead to get NEONA, its breakthrough neonatal magnetic resonance imaging system, on the market. A world-first superconducting MRI system dedicated for baby diagnosis, NEONA can significantly improve the precision and image quality of fragile newborns, infants and children. […]


Magnets for Horse Mobility and Therapy from England 

While the therapeutic power of magnets remains a subject of scientific debate, many horse owners believe in their efficacy. From all over the world they turn to Equilibrium Products of England for its thoughtully designed wraps and blankets to position magnets precisely where desired. They are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. […]