Neutron Therapeutics’ Precision Cancer-Treatment Systems Entering Medical Centers 

Neutron Therapeutics, the brainchild of electromagnetic engineering entrepreneur Bill Buckley of New Zealand, is meeting with new success placing its equipment for ultra-precision treatment of cancer cells and for advanced neutron sources into hospitals and medical research environments. Its revolutionary nu-Beam systems are finding homes at Helsinki University Hospital and the University Hospital of Brussels while its latest high flux neutron source is being installed at the University of Birmingham where it become will be part of the UK’s National Nuclear User Facility.  […]


iNRCORE Acquires Vanguard Electronics  

inrcore, a family of brands supplying high reliability magnetics and other components, has acquired Vanguard Electronics, a manufacturer of both catalogue and custom high reliability magnetics such as inductors and transformers for demanding applications in the defense, aerospace, space and medical industries. Price of the transaction was not disclosed, but Vanguard will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of iNRCORE. Vanguard will retain its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, with an additional manufacturing facility located in Mexicali, Mexico. […]


Magtration Technology by Precision Supports Growing Demand for Magnetic Particle Extraction of DNA 

Automated magnetic extraction systems and reagents from Precision System Science are helping medical laboratories meet the increasing demand for faster and more precise extraction of DNA for vaccine and other applications, spurred especially by the spread of Covid-19 and other serious infectious diseases. The Japanese biotech company has been meeting the widespread expansion of the field of molecular biology for clinical purposes with its core technology, Magtration, an automated apparatus for extraction of DNA with magnetic particles that is coming into wider use globally. […]