September/October 2022

Life Magnetics Solves Vaccine Transport without Cold Storage
Using carbon-coated magnetic beads, biotech company Life Magnetics is embarked on a mission to solve the most difficult aspect of RNA therapeutics and at-home testing – the logistics of transporting fragile RNA molecules such as those in Covid vaccines.

Fortis Life Sciences a New Force in Magnetic Particles with nanoComposix
With its acquisition of nanoComposix, fast-growing Fortis Life Sciences is emerging as a new force in the field of magnetic particle development and manufacturing. The venture capital-backed firm acquired nanomaterials company nanoComposix and three others in its first year of operations, while signaling that more deals are on the way.

Mercedes-Benz Prepares Car Production Network for New Electric Portfolio
Emphasizing a dedication to in-house development and manufacturing of e-drive systems and axial-flux permanent-magnet motors, Mercedes-Benz is preparing its car production network for its new electric portfolio.

Using Magnets to Control Prosthetic Limbs
For people with amputation who have prosthetic limbs, one of the greatest challenges is controlling the prosthesis so that it moves the same way a natural limb would. Most prosthetic limbs are controlled using electromyography, a way of recording electrical activity from the muscles, but this approach provides only limited control of the prosthesis.

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