Magnetic-Silica Coating & Special Powder Core Key to Bourns Inductors 

Using a magnetic-silica coating on the perimeter to enhance shielding, Bourns has introduced new semi-shielded power inductors for electronics designers while also developing new high-strength power inductors that employ a uniquely formulated powder core and bonding agent to help them withstand harsh environments and vibration. 

The three semi-shielded inductors can operate in high operating temperatures to meet high-reliability requirements in EMI filtering, DC-DC converter and power supply applications. The models are SRN3030HA, SRN4030HA, and SRN5030HA. 

A magnetic-silica based coating applied to the perimeter of their winding enhances the inductors’ shielding and reduces magnetic field radiation compared to non-shielded options. Additionally, semi-shielded construction contributes to a lower component cost compared to similarly sized conventional ferrite-shielded inductors. 

Strong to withstand vibration 

Mechanical strength to withstand harsh vibration is an important aspect of the new automotive-grade inductors. The two models, SRP1038WA and SRP1265WA, feature a wide side terminal frame to withstand 15 G typical or 30 G peak vibrations. They increase the width of the side terminal frame by more than 50 percent compared to existing Bourns models without increasing the package size or required printed circuit board area. 

They are designed using a uniquely formulated metal alloy powder core and bonding agent and use a molded construction manufacturing process where the magnetic shielded design allows for low radiation while the metal alloy powder core provides high saturation current. For more info, see