Distributed Gap Cores from Micrometals for High Frequency Switch-Mode Power

Micrometals, a manufacturer of core solutions for power applications, has added to its product lineup a new series of PQ distributed gap cores especially suited for high frequency switch-mode power applications.  

The rectangular geometry of the PQ body is ideal for surface mount applications while the round center post readily accepts helical flat wire coils, or bobbins with round wire.  The cores are offered in six industry standard geometries from 21mm to 51mm, three exclusive material formulations and three reference permeability values. 

“These new PQ shapes will allow our customers to achieve new levels of performance and efficiency in a very compact package,” said Jim Cox, president. 

They are available in the company’s material formulations Sendust, Hi-Flux and FluxSan with 26, 40 or 60 permeability values which are designed to provide a combination of high saturation magnetization and low losses, making them well suited for switching applications up to 1MHz. The distributed gap nature of the materials enables them to be used with little or no center-leg gap which reduces the losses associated with fringing flux at higher frequency.  

The new cores offer several key advantages over toroid or E core geometries including better self-shielding and high winding density, noted Cox.  They also offer an advantage over EQ cores by providing a larger outer surface, thus requiring less winding to provide the same inductance and allowing smaller PQ cores to be used for comparable performance as EQ shapes. 

For more info, see www.micrometalsapc.com