2nd November eNL 2021

Aeristech, a UK-based developer of permanent magnet motors that can accelerate to 160,000 rpm in less than a second, is moving resolutely to position its power-dense technology into the heart of systems for advancing fuel cell and other forms of e-mobility, and industrial applications. Along with a £5.15m funding, it has recently become a partner in e-powertrain technology consortiums with GKN Aerospace, Cummins and the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Read More

Tech Tips: Bakker Magnetics – Improving Energy Density of Permanent Magnets for e-Mobility Manufacturing
Permanent magnets (PM) are the heart of the drive systems used in the e-Mobility industry. The stronger the magnet is, the higher the higher the motor’s output and the smaller and lighter the motor can be built. But a powerful magnet must also be able to resist demagnetization by heat or a magnetic opposite field. The Dutch company Bakker Magnetics uses two new techniques with which permanent magnets can be produced even stronger and more robust: Grain Boundary Diffusion (GBD) and Grain Refining Technology (GRT). Major advantage: less Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) are used.  Read More

Ultra fast and programmable: 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC

Get to know the new iC-PI: iC-Haus from Germany presents its new programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS422 Driver. It is suitable for applications with magnetic and optical position sensors, linear scales and high-resolution angle sensing. Highlights at a glance: Latency-free sine-to-digital conversion (less than 250 ns) with up to 4000/4096 angle steps, AB output frequency of up to 10 MHz and a minimum AB transition distance of 25 ns. 

iC-PI is an interpolator with a non-linear A/D converter which digitizes sine/cosine sensor signals using a count-safe vector tracking conversion with selectable resolution and hysteresis. The angle position is output incrementally by differential RS422 drivers as an encoder quadrature signal with a zero pulse. A pre-selectable minimum edge distance ensures glitch-free output signals and prevents counting errors which in turn boosts the noise immunity of the position encoder. The integrated signal conditioning unit allows signal amplitudes and offset voltages to be calibrated accurately.  

Top 3 Trends Bolstering Hybrid Drivetrain Market Outlook to 2027
The global hybrid drivetrain market size is expected to witness robust growth in the forthcoming years due to the escalating demand and sale of hybrid automobiles. An increase in greenhouse gas emission levels over the years, primarily from the transportation sector along with the rising environmental damage done by fossil fuel-powered automobiles has led to the intervention by governments across the globe. Read More