November eNL 2021

Endress+Hauser Reaches Milestone of 3 Million MagMeters
Since 1977, Endress+Hauser has sold over three million electromagnetic flowmeters while consistently innovating in metrology. “We could not be happier about the continuing demand for our flowmeters and the milestone of three million devices sold. This success is based on the high product quality that we have consistently delivered to customers for decades,” says Mirko Lehmann, managing director for flow measurement.  Read More

Flapper and Skyportz Choose Electra’s Low-Carbon Electric Aircraft For Flight Services in Latin America and Australia, Inc. (“Electra,”) a next-gen clean aviation technology company, has secured purchase commitments for 180 of the company’s hybrid-electric ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, totalling more than $500 million in value. The deals are part of cooperative agreements with air service providers and infrastructure developers in multiple countries and reflect global demand for low-emissions transportation as countries strive to meet carbon reduction targets. Read More

Automatic Position Correction – including eccentricity error!
Get to know the new iC-TW29: iC-Haus from Germany presents high-resolution FlexCount® interpolator with automatic signal correction and BiSS Interface. What are its key benefits?

The new 26-bit encoder signal processor is used for the evaluation of magnetic and optical sensors that generate sine and cosine signals. Just a push of a button is enough to set the required signal amplification and to correct signal errors. A permanent auto-correction minimizes the angular error, so that the integrated RS422 output drivers provide optimal quadrature signals – with up to 262,144 pulses at processing times of either only 2.4 µs or 5 µs.

A remarkable innovation is the position correction for the mechanical eccentricity error. It solves the annoying problem caused by off-center optical graduations or magnetic pole wheels. The measuring accuracy can now be considerably improved, especially for the smallest incremental encoders, as well as for absolute encoders, that use multiturn information in addition.

Electromagnetic Launch Systems from General Atomics Prove Their Mettle
Electromagnetic systems developed by General Atomics for launching jets from aircraft carriers demonstrated their durability in recent shock trials for the US Navy that mimic marine combat scenarios. It was the first time in 30 years that such robust trials were done.  Read More