Yageo Combines Chilisin & Other Magnetic Component Brands into Pulse Electronics

Having finalized its purchase of Chilisin at the start of the year, Taiwan-based Yageo is now grouping all its magnetic component subsidiaries into Pulse Electronics, creating a powerful new unified global brand from its recent string of acquisitions. 

Chilisin has a comprehensive portfolio of inductors, power transformers, RF components and ethernet transformer products. Yageo will merge Chilisin and its subsidiary brands Mag.Layers, Magic & Bothhand into Pulse Electronics. The brands Chilisin, Mag.Layers, Magic and Bothhand will be retired, and products rebranded under Pulse Electronics. 

To facilitate the integration, a new Magnetics Product Business Group will be formed within Pulse Electronics consisting of four Product Business Units (PBU), explained Yageo. 

  1. Standard Power PBU – covering Mini and Large Molded Inductors, Muti-Layer, Wirewound and RF Chip Inductors and the Ferroxcube product families. 
  1. Specialized Power PBU – covering specialized and custom power magnetics including inductors, transformers, CM chokes and current sense magnetics as well as motor coils, cable systems, solenoids, ignition coils and power suppliers. 
  1. Wired Communications PBU – covering integrated connector modules (ICMs), Discrete Ethernet LAN Transforms, Signal Level CM Chokes, Connectors and BMS Magnetics. 
  1. Wireless Communications PBU – covering Antennas including embedded, internal, external, outdoor and vehicular as well as 3D antenna technologies, LTCC RF components and wireless charging coils. 

Yageo forged the takeover of Chilisin Electronics in June 2021 in a bid to accelerate the firm’s expansion into high-margin passive component markets through improved product integration. Its business in capacitors was suffering from low-margin competition from Chinese manufacturers. “The takeover would allow Yageo to provide a one-stop shopping service and aligns with supply chain optimization efforts made by clients in the past few years,” said Pierre Chen, chairman of Yageo. 

Yageo is the world’s third-largest supplier of multilayer ceramic capacitors, while Chilisin has been the world’s third-largest supplier of inductor components. Over the past three years, Yageo has optimized its product portfolio through acquisitions of Kemet Corp and Pulse Electronics Corp, with high-margin premium products accounting for 75 percent of its revenue, Chen said, adding that these products accounted for 30 percent of revenue in 2017. “For the first time, Yageo has the chance to have a bite of the industry’s cream of the crop, thanks to the acquisitions of Kemet and Pulse,” Chen said.