VBG Group Acquires Carlyle Johnson Machine

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co., a manufacturer of electromagnetic brakes and clutches, has been acquired for $16.5 million by Swedish industrial conglomerate VGB Group through its subsidiary Ringfeder Power Transmission US. 

A designer and manufacturer of motion control components for industrial applications, Carlyle Johnson’s product suite includes mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic clutches and braking systems, as well as associated electrical controls and lubrication seals for medical, aerospace, industrial and defense markets. Based in Bolton, Connecticut, it employs 50 people and has annual turnover of $10.5 million. 

The company’s Maxitorq electric jaw brakes shown above, for example, are designed with either 24 or 100-volt DC coils as standard equipment though other voltages are available for custom needs. It stocks coils with voltages ranging 6 to 240 volts DC. The electromagnetic brakes feature bi-directional operation, meaning operation is not dependent on rotation while their radial flux path design eliminates bearing loading.

“This acquisition complements us in a natural way”, says Thomas Moka, division manager for Ringfeder.. “Through Carlyle Johnson, we complement our existing product portfolio and enter interesting high market growth segments such as medical equipment.”  

Michael Gamache, CEO of Carlyle Johnson, adds: “We see that VBG Group has the strength and the industrial knowledge to develop Carlyle Johnson further. We share the long-term perspective and have the same values, which means that our companies fit together well.”  

Anders Birgersson, CEO of VBG 

“We are very pleased that we can complete this acquisition”, said Anders Birgersson, CEO of VBG. “It fits well with our goal of growing as an industrial group and Carlyle Johnson’s products match VBG Group’s mission to create a safer society.” Headquartered in Vänersborg, VBG is the parent company of an international engineering group with 1,500 employees in 17 countries. Its operations are divided into three divisions – Truck & Trailer Equipment, Mobile Climate Control and Ringfeder. For more info, see www.cjmco.com, www.ringfeder.com and www.vbggroup.com