Bunting Magnetics Introduces New Electronics System

Bunting Magnetics Co., a producer of precision magnetic products for the worldwide food, plastics, chemical, automobile, and printing industries, has introduced a new electronics system.  The new Metal Detection 07 Electronics system  includes a color touch screen and dual entry user access for additional security.  A USB interface permits simple data exchange of backup, updates and quality control logs.  Automatic product learning permits storing as many as 1,000 unique products.  The multiMODE feature permits operators to quickly expand a product range—from fresh to frozen, for example, and the autoTEST capability provides automatic self-testing at any time interval selected.  Built-in networking provides remote monitoring and control via Ethernet, or integration into other processing equipment systems.

“The new Bunting 07 Electronic System provides food processors with the ultimate in quality control and safety when monitoring product quality,” said Rod Henricks, Bunting Product Manager for Metal Detection. “Bunting product options are available to fit every metal separation and detection situation.”