TMR Magnetic Geartooth Encoders from MDT

MultiDimension (MDT-Dowaytech) supplies the GE-T and GE-A series of TMR magnetic geartooth encoders for off-axis rotary encoder applications including electrical spindle drives, CNC machines, railway and elevator equipment. They can be paired with 0.2~0.8-module gears with various customizable configurations, including gear wheel diameters, gear count, index tooth type, cables and connectors. They offer high resolution speed and position measurement, high-frequency response, large tolerance for air-gap and installation position, and self-calibration with the optional debug boards for on-site fine-tuning toward the best performance in real-time.

The GE-T series provides the digital A/B/Z incremental TTL outputs supporting up to 256X factory-programmed interpolation rate per gear period, with the input frequency up to 700kHz and output frequency up to 10MHz. The GE-A series outputs 1Vpp analog sine/cosine waveforms per period in high precision along with the frequency response up to 1MHz.

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