TMR Magnetic Angle Sensors for Rotary Encoders

MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT) has released two Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) magnetic angle sensors for use in a wide spectrum of industrial sensor applications, including rotary encoders, speed sensors, contactless potentiometers, and rotary position controllers for brushless DC motors (BLDC).

Designed with MDT’s unique TMR sensor technology and intellectual property, the MMA253F/MMA153F TMR magnetic angle sensors feature 360° angle measurement, high-amplitude robust output signals, and large air-gap tolerance. MDT’s TMR magnetic angle sensors lower the complexity of the signal processing circuitry.

“We are passionate about offering all the benefits of TMR sensor technology to our customers with multiple service options to best suit their needs,” said Dr. Song Xue, Chairman and CEO of MultiDimension Technology. “In addition to supplying TMR magnetic sensor chips, we are open to delivering entire system solutions upon request. We can custom-design TMR sensor wafers for high-volume customers to integrate with their own ASIC technology.”

Dr. Xue noted that MDT’s new TMR magnetic angle sensors reduce the overall system cost of rotary encoders because of their lower power, high precision, and large stable output signals. They provide a simple solution to integrate with analog or digital circuitry.

MDT’s TMR sensor technology combines the key benefits of existing magnetic sensor technologies such as AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistance), GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance), and Hall Effect, while overcoming their limitations, such as low signal sensitivity (Hall, AMR, and GMR), and design complexity for 360-degree measurement (AMR).

The MMA253F/MMA153F TMR magnetic sensors are immediately available for sampling. An evaluation toolkit, the MMA253F-EVL, is also available for users to assess the electrical and magnetic characteristics of the MMA253F sensor. The MMA253F-EVL toolkit provides an LCD display, a USB interface, and 12-bit digital outputs that can be used in absolute or incremental rotary encoders.