Bruker Releases Nitrogen Liquefier

A Nitrogen Re-Liquefaction Accessory for More Efficient, Sustainable and Economic Magnet Operation in NMR

Bruker has released the BNL (Bruker Nitrogen Liquefier) accessory; available now for its Ascend NMR magnet product line up to 700 MHz. NMR customers can now benefit from extended cryogenic maintenance intervals for improved user convenience, increased flexibility for long-term experiments and lower cost of ownership.

The BNL can be installed on one of the magnet’s nitrogen ports enabling it to re-liquefy the nitrogen gas evaporating from the magnet dewar. The re-liquefaction process is essentially 100 percent efficient, ensuring near zero nitrogen boil-off for Ascend magnets up to 700 MHz. Operators of NMR equipment are freed from the weekly or bi-weekly routine of nitrogen filling, thus reducing cryogenic maintenance to helium refills only, which are typically spaced many months apart. The BNL features a Cryostat Monitoring Unit (CMU) ensuring easy visual status monitoring, while Bruker’s Magnet Information and Control Software (MICS) provides an overview of nitrogen level, pressure and cryocooler temperature.

The BNL development follows the success of the BSNL, the nitrogen reliquefaction accessory that has for several years enabled CryoProbe customers to use the extra cooling capacity of the latest generation CryoPlatform to re-condense the evaporating nitrogen gas from the magnet dewar . The new BNL is an add-on magnet accessory now offering the same benefits for systems without CryoProbes.

“We continuously explore new ideas to improve customer convenience and minimize cryogenic maintenance in NMR laboratories and we are thrilled that the BNL technology is now available for our Ascend magnet series. The BNL maximizes user convenience, avoids interruptions of long experiments, and lowers operational costs, all without compromising NMR performance,” said Dr. Daniel Eckert, VP for Magnet R&D at Bruker BioSpin in Faellanden, Switzerland.