TDK Adds Full-Redundancy Safety Features to TMR Angle Sensor Portfolio

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TDK Corporation is expanding its tunnel-magnetoresistance (TMR) angle sensing portfolio with the addition of a model that features full redundancy while it simultaneously measures speed, direction and motor position. The redundancy features satisfy newer, more stringent automotive safety requirements. 

The new digital TAD4140 sensor is designed for demanding automotive and industrial applications. As with its predecessor, the TAD2141, it is capable of contactless sensing up to 360 degrees within a broad temerature range. Target applications include motor control for brushless DC motor commutation in electric power assisted steering systems. 

Of all magnetic field sensors, notes the company, TMR sensors offer the greatest sensitivity. Its magnetic field measuring range is rated at 20 to 80 mT for typical uses and 80 to 120 mT for extended range. Its internal diagnostic features make the product compatible with stringent automotive applications where functional safety is required including electrically isolated signals.  

Digital outputs support functionality such as Hall emulation, encoder up to 12 bits, incremental encoder and pulse width modulation. Mechanical non-idealities including magnet tilting or magnet displacement can also be compensated for, allowing wider assembly tolerances for the mechanical components.  

Start of production is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020. See