Tiny Voice Coil Actuator Packs a Punch

Jan18_BEIBEI Kimco Magnetics has announced the small, yet powerful model LAH04-10-000A Linear Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) as the latest addition to their extensive line of housed moving magnet actuators. With this newest model in the line-up, BEI Kimco’s housed moving magnet actuator offering covers the size range from 0.375 inches to 2.4 inches in outside diameter with a wide selection of stroke lengths, peak force, as well as full customization.

The miniaturized device delivers a peak force of nearly 0.5 pounds and measures 0.375 inches in outside diameter. With a total weight of 0.37 ounces it produces more than 20 times its own weight in terms of force with an operating stroke of 4 mm (0.157 inches). The size and housed packaging allow for easy mounting in size critical applications.

The moving magnet design also offers improved heat dissipation. By allowing the magnet to move and keeping the coil fixed, any heat generated by the coil assembly can be readily conducted away. No moving wires and a high heat dissipation makes this new VCA particularly well-suited for high duty cycle applications such as pick and place machines, remotely controlled switching, medical and laboratory equipment, military and aerospace.

“This tiny packaged device opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for applications with extreme space limitations,” said Jim McNamara, BEI Kimco senior application engineer. “To our knowledge, it is the smallest diameter VCA on the market. Housed actuators are becoming much more popular with our customers when compared to un-housed actuators. Our continually expanding offering in wider size ranges supports this demand.”