Cedrat Develops New Controller for Small Magnetic Actuators

A new linear power amplifier from Cedrat Technologies has been specifically developed for the driving of small size linear magnetic actuators. Especially relevant for applications requiring cascaded control, it can be applied to any small size magnetic actuators in linear, rotational or tilting motions including voice coil and moving magnet actuators. 

The MCAµ10 is a low power drive electronic, based on low noise linear power amplifier, providing current and voltage up to 1A and 24V. It is based on output current closed loop control, which is the best precise and fast approach for both force control, and position control of magnetic actuators, says Cedrat. It has been specially developed and tuned for resonant and frictionless flexure bearing actuators such as the company’s MICA actuator family, in linear motion for proof mass applications, and in rotational tilting motion for the fast and fine positioning of mirrors used for optical communication. 

The MICA products (Moving Iron Controllable Actuators) are magnetic actuators that provide a controllable high force along the stroke. Their technology combines the power density of electro-magnetic actuators and the controllability of moving coil actuators. The versatile actuators are precise at low speed, efficient at resonance and provide high force above resonance frequency. 

Located in France’s Innovation Valley near Grenoble, Cedrat produces smart actuators and sensors, mechatronic and detection systems, many of which rely on specialized magnetic-effect alloys, fluids and sensing. The company also engages in many research projects and offers specialized training. For more info, see www.cedrat-technologies.com