Remcom Announces Projected Capacitive Touch Capability in XFdtd Electrostatic Solver

Jan18_RemcomRemcom has announced Projected Capacitive Touch Capability in XFdtd 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software. The capability will be available in the next version of the software, currently scheduled for an early 2015 release.

Projected Capacitive Touch Capability is critical for designing electronics with Touchscreen Panel (TSP) technology, including touchscreens for mobile devices and desktop computer monitors, touchpads, proximity sensors and more.

XFdtd’s electrostatic solver will compute the matrix of self- and mutual-capacitance between any number of conductors in a model, which may be of almost any arbitrary shape and complexity. Users can generate Maxwell and SPICE Capacitance Matrix results and view them via XFdtd’s Results Browser. Using XFdtd’s Poseable Hands, many configurations of typical touchscreen usage can be evaluated.

Benefits to designers and manufacturers of touchscreen assemblies and devices include:

  • Self- and mutual-capacitance calculation for arbitrary, complex sensor designs including a touchscreen in isolation or in single- and multi-touch situations
  • Designs may be imported from CAD in any of XFdtd’s supported formats or created from the XFdtd solids modeler
  • Extensive support for complex geometries allows for analysis within fully populated devices
  • Compatible with XFdtd’s Poseable Hands and third-party biological files

Rodney Korte, product manager for XFdtd, said, “As the complexity of touchscreen devices has grown, simulation has become critical to the design process. With extremely fine resolutions and multi-touch functionality, fabricating prototypes has become unrealistic. Because XFdtd also has the ability to handle extremely complex models, we knew adding projected capacitive touch capability would provide a clear advantage for those working on TSP applications within complicated electronics.”

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