Linear Actuator with Moving Magnet Provides Improved Heat Dissipation

BEI Kimco Magnetics’ new Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuator series has improved heat dissipation by virtue of its stationary coil design. By allowing the magnet to move and keeping the coil fixed, the heat generated by the coil assembly can be more readily managed.

“Unlike standard voice coil actuators where the magnet assembly is intended to remain fixed while the coil assembly moves, BEI Kimco’s Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuators are designed to use a stationary coil,” said Jim McNamara, Senior Applications Engineer.

When compared to conventional moving coil designs, a fixed coil assembly is more easily integrated with an appropriate heat sink, providing higher continuous duty performance. This is especially important for demanding applications where heat management is of particular concern. Thanks to Kimco’s expertise in design of magnetic field circuits this actuator uses magnetic fields very efficiently. And with Kimco’s engineering expertise, it can be customized to meet specific requirements. In addition, having a stationary coil allows for a simpler design of the electrical connections. Typical applications include remotely controlled circuit breakers, medical hand tools and other delicate instrumentation.