Spintronics Pioneer NVE Introduces New Magnetic Sensing Capabilities

November is Magnetic Sensing Month at Magnetics Magazine!

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Spintronics pioneer NVE has introduced two new devices that bring powerful sensing capabilities to design engineers. One is a noncontact tunnel magnetoresistance encoder sensor, depicted above, that can replace optical encoders. The other is an ultraminiature magnetometer sensor that can sense magnetic fields up to a remarkable 1.5 tesla. 

AKT001-14E magnetometer sensor 

The company’s new AKT001-14E is an analog magnetometer sensor for precise sensing of magnetic fields up to a magnitude of 1.5 tesla. It employs NVE’s tunneling magnetoresistive technology to accomplish the remarkable field range considering its low power requirement and small size. 

The device comes in an ultraminiature 1.1 x 1.1 mm package. It is sensitive to fields in any direction and in linear range is rated at 0.05 to 0.8 tesla. Applications include brushless DC motors, motor commutator sensors, noncontact high-current measurement, and other harsh industrial applications. 

Earlier this year, NVE expanded its line of angle sensors with the new ASR012-10E Smart I²C TMR Angle Sensor. Based on the same TMR sensor element and digital processing core as an earlier product, the new device has an inter-integrated circuit (I²C) rather than a serial peripheral interface. The new part also provides a pulse-width modulated output. Both devices have precise, factory-calibrated TMR sensor elements, and sophisticated digital signal processing. 

Incorporating a familiar ABZ interface, it allows easy replacement of optical encoders with a rugged alternative. But unlike optical encoders, the new sensor is noncontact, has wide mechanical tolerances, and is not susceptible to dust or contamination. With their unique TMR technology, the sensors are smaller, faster, more accurate, and lower power than other magnetic encoders, says the company. 

NVE Corporation develops and sells devices using spintronics, a nanotechnology the company helped pioneer, which utilizes electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store and transmit information. Founded in 1989 as Nonvolatile Electronics, it specializes in making spintronics practical by manufacturing high-performance products including sensors and couplers data for industrial, scientific, and medical applications. NVE is located in Eden Prairie, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis. See www.nve.com