Inductive Position Sensors from Ixthus Overcome Harsh Environments

New heavy duty, inductive linear position sensors that suit vehicles and machines in harsh environments have been introduced by Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd, a sensor and instrumentation systems manufacturer. Part of the UK-based Variohm Group, the company’s new range of ILT series sensors use coil-based inductive technology to attain size reduction and robustness while providing measurement stroke length from 25 mm to 600 mm.  

“Compared to classical LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) designs our technology uses less windings and can be therefore smaller and mechanically more robust whilst it is completely self-containing and not requiring a signal conditioning,” explains Carsten Walther, group sales director.  There is less signal disturbance by shock and vibration compared to magneto restrictive sensor technology, he adds. Employing the Eddy current principle, the technology in detail is patented and proprietary to the Variohm Group, he notes. 

Encased in anodized aluminum, they are exceptionally durable non-contact sensors designed for long life even in harsh conditions. They are rated for operating temperatures ranging from -40° C to +125° C. For more info, visit