Spin-Ion Stepping Out with System to Engineer Ultra-Thin Magnetic Materials 

Spin-Ion Technologies team is based in Palaiseau, France. At right is Dafiné Ravelosona, CEO & CTO. 

Spin-Ion Technologies, a French developer of advanced ion beam technology to engineer the structural properties of magnetic materials, has linked up with Quantum Design International to distribute the company’s Helium-S system in China, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States. The process solution is based on post-growth Helium + ion irradiation to tailor the magnetic properties of thin magnetic films at the atomic scale and improve their performances. 

The technology can be used to precisely control magnetic properties such as magnetic anisotropy, magnetization, ferromagnetic order, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and damping. The utilization of light ions provides the precise control of inter-atomic displacements through the low energy transfer. The technology has been developed to deliver dedicated tools for the fields of nano-magnetism and spintronics. 

Helium-S provides precise control of inter-atomic displacements through an ultra-compact and ultra-fast He+ ion beam facility 

“Our alliance with Spin-Ion Technologies makes a lot of sense for us as many of our customers are already working with magnetic thin films and the spintronics segment of magnetic device technology,” stated Aashish Chourey, director of business development for Quantum. “Their ability to improve performance and lower costs for the manufacture of spintronic devices and other memory applications makes them a valuable plyer in this field.”  

“The collaboration with Quantum Design International was obvious for us” stated Dafiné Ravelosona, CEO & CTO of Spin-Ion. “They have developed a strong worldwide distribution channel in the spintronics segment for many years now. Their magnetic characterization-based instruments are very complementary to our tool that enables engineering of magnetic properties. We are convinced that their strong knowledge in magnetic materials and spintronics will be a real asset for us to market our unique scientific equipment.” 

Spin-Ion also offers wafer services including in-house engineered magnetic materials and ion irradiation of customer materials and devices. The company is a spin-off from Paris-Saclay University and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) founded in 2017. For more info, see www.spin-ion.com and www.qdusa.com