Latest Advancements in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Plus the Beer Magnet) Coming to Monterey for ENC 2024 

Leading researchers in nuclear magnetic resonance will be converging at this year’s Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference, ENC 2024, April 7-11, at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California near Monterey. Always with a busy agenda of symposiums and technical sessions on the latest advancements in the field globally, there still can be time for a cool draft from JEOL’s beer magnet. 

There are two major sponsors, Bruker and JEOL, both leading providers of cutting-edge NMR instruments and systems designed to advance NMR capabilities and technology. Only one of them, however, will be bringing their novel NMR magnet keg, from which attendees can tap in for a glass of refreshment. Technologically simple for the world of experimental NMR, yet quite popular nonetheless. 

“This is a venerable JEOL 400 beer magnet, a tried-and-true provider of inspiration and food for thought in the NMR community. Stop by JEOL’s hospitality suite in the Fred Farr Forum to see it for yourself and learn about our latest developments in preservation of liquid helium and nitrogen with JEOL’s close cycle cryogen reclamation system that eliminates the need for off-site helium reliquification.” — -Evgeny Tishchenko, NMR Product Manager, JEOL. 

The conference presentations cover diverse subjects in biotech, industrial applications and technology development by leading NMR researchers and users. A few examples are: 

  • Christian Griesinger (Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences), Protein dynamics from relaxation and paramagnetic NMR 
  • Maria Silva Elipe (Amgen), The Wonders of a 400 MHz HTS Magnet NMR System, How It Works and Our Results at Amgen 
  • Steven Blundell (Oxford University), Probing singlet states in frustrated magnets using muons as a magnetic resonance probe 
  • Alexander Penn (Hamburg University of Technology), Recent advances in magnetic resonance imaging for chemical and bioprocess engineering 
  • Shoujun Xu (University of Houston), Mechanical Modulation of DC Magnetic Fields: Instrumentation and Biological Applications 

Then maybe it’s time for a little refreshment. For more info, see, and