May/June 2020

Magnetics Technology Flying High, Hot & Cold in Solar Orbiter Mission to the Sun
Magnetics technology is flying high, hot and cold in the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission to the sun. An extremely sensitive magnetometer built by Imperial College of London is a central element of the journey.

Carpenter Technology Moves Forward in Soft Magnetics and Additive Manufacturing, Exclusive Interview with CEO Tony Thene
Moving forward on its commitments to expand capabilities in soft magnetics and in additive manufacturing, Carpenter Technology has opened a $40 million Emerging Technology Center in Alabama and reports that progress is on course for expansion of soft magnetics capabilities in a $100 million project at its Reading plant in Pennsylvania.

Technique Uses Magnets and Light to Control, Reconfigure Soft Robots
Using soft robots made of a polymer embedded with magnetic iron particles, researchers from North Carolina State University and Elon University have developed a technique that allows them to remotely control the movement of soft robots, lock them into position for as long as needed and later reconfigure the robots into new shapes. The technique relies on light and magnetic fields.

Magnetic Field at Martian Surface Ten Times Stronger than Expected
New data obtained from the magnetic sensor aboard NASA’s InSight spacecraft is offering an unprecedented close-up of magnetic fields on Mars.

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