Portescap Develops Max-Flux Motor; Opens Engineering Lab in Mumbai 

Swiss motor manufacturer Portescap has opened a new engineering laboratory in India and, separately, has developed a new high-speed motor with a specialized coil design for enhancing magnetic flux. 

The new laboratory at its Mumbai office expands analysis and reliability testing space, also boosts proof of concept capabilities. Using the latest simulation software and accelerated life testing equipment, Portescap engineers can apply different duty cycles, direction of load rotation and variable loads to motors and assemblies. An on-site environmental chamber and noise and vibration chamber simulate real-world conditions. Rapid prototypes can be built using the lab’s advanced 3D printing and machining equipment. 

The company has also recently unveiled several product innovations that have come from customer feedback, among them the new high-speed coreless motor with specialized coils for enhancing magnetic flux, embodied in its 22N78 Athlonix brush direct-current motor. Using neodymium magnets, its design combines high power density and precious metal commutation. The motor can deliver a torque greater than 13 mNm continuously, reaching up to 90% efficiency while maintaining a long lifetime. 

“Athlonix motors are powered by a proprietary self-supporting coil resulting into maximized magnetic flux and ampere-turns for a given diameter” says Sunil Kumar, brush DC product line manager at Portescap. “In contrast, typical self-supporting coils have inherent ampere-turns limitations that affect the magnetic flux density in the magnetic circuit, which further limits power output and endurance of the motor.” 

Manufacturer of a broad range of miniature and specialty motors as well as actuators and disc magnet products, Portescap has manufacturing centers in the United States and India, and research and development centers in the United States, China, India and Switzerland. See www.portescap.com