Panasonic Develops Moving Coil Technology for In-Vehicle Wireless Charging

Panasonic Automotive announced two variants of in-vehicle wireless charging technology — moving coil and static coil – at the Consumer Electronics show, held virtually in January. Both variants provide efficient in-vehicle charging, making it easier to power up mobile devices using inductive power transfer. 

Since the majority of vehicle charging systems remain wired or tethered, the system aims to be a more accurate and more efficient way to charge, to be accessible in any vehicle without the hassle of first plugging in. 

The moving coil variant uses an exclusive, patent-pending detection technology that tracks the user device and synchronizes with it. The inductive charging coil moves into the optimum position to align with the mobile device’s charging coil and quickly begins to charge wirelessly.  The new technology has better coupling capability than other wireless charging systems and, with 15W of charging power, has one of the fastest charging times in the industry, even rivaling that of wired systems, says the company. Both variants permit the ability to make and receive phone calls and use apps normally while the device is charging. 

Also known as inductive charging, wireless charging is a type of wireless power transfer that uses electromagnetic inductive coupling to provide electricity to a device. Energy is transferred from an induction coil in the charging station to a receiving coil in the target device. For more info see