NORWE Expands Series of Coilformers for Transformer Production

NORWE, a producer of sophisticated of thermoplastic moldings used in the manufacture of transformers and other wound components, reports that it is expanding its series of EE/M coilformers with longer creepage dimensions between ferrite and solder-pin. 

The design allows automatic winding on automated winding machines. Special winding noses and a wire routing provide tension-relief when binding on the wire. The coilformers have distance strips to avoid cold-solder joints into the PCB. The new versions join a range of components in the EE/M series which is designed for small transformers but are also used in switched mode power conversion. 

PQ-Series with vertical magnetic axis 

The company also has a PQ-series with vertical magnetic axis. It uses only a small area on the printed circuit board, providing maximum power output with a minimum requirement on weight and volume, and is also suitable for automated winding machines. 

Laser direct structuring components 

Based in Bergneustadt, Germany, NORWE is an active user of laser direct structuring (LDS) technology. The LDS-method uses special plastic materials with additives. After a partial activation by laser conductor layers are created in a chemical reaction. NORWE has further developed the technology by using cross-linked plastic materials to allow winding on the plastic without solder-pins. The advantages are convincing, notes the company: downsized components, simplified connecting technology, lower weight, optimal coplanarity as well as the possibility to provide smaller and medium-sized series without expenses for a pinning technique. For more info, see