Zettler Magnetics Expands Portfolio & Operations Sites

Zettler Magnetics, a manufacturer of transformers and magnetic components, has greatly expanded its range of plug and play AC-DC power modules, alongside significant expansion of its manufacturing and operations sites. 

New power modules expand the magnetics portfolio 

From additional power ratings, input and output voltages, extended temperature ratings to optional EMI shielding, the line of power modules has grown considerably over the past several years. The fully encapsulated power modules suit a multitude of applications including smart energy solutions, indoor and outdoor lighting control, white goods, electric vehicle charging and IoT. The pre-certified solutions simplify power electronics design enabling faster time to market. 

The portfolio provides options such as a High Performance (HP) series to a lower-cost (ZP) series both with an output power ranging from 1-20 watt. Additionally, the HP-X Series comes with integrated zero-cross detection whereby the output is electrically isolated from the mains input and monitors frequency and phase of the AC input. The company also has designs for 30 watt and beyond. 

Its switch-mode power modules (SMPS) serve many applications, meeting regulations in various countries to regulate the standby consumption of devices. This is often difficult to achieve with conventional transformers, the company notes. However, since SMPS transmit at a higher frequency, the volume of the magnetic core can be reduced for the same power to minimize power loss and size. 

Most of the cost and space savings in mains input SMPS result from the smaller size of the high frequency transformer. Since the transformer’s capability to transfer energy is proportional to the operating frequency, by using a much higher frequency, the core can be greatly reduced compared to 50/60Hz types. However, core losses increase at higher frequencies, thus ferrite material which has a low loss at the high frequencies is used. 

New headquarters in southern California 

Last year parent company Zettler Group relocated its headquarters in southern California to a new facility in the city of Vista, north of San Diego, which serves all of the group‘s operating divisions. The group also established a new wholly owned factory in Vietnam for Zettler Magnetics last year. 

Zettler linear transformers 

Plans for the 20,000 sq ft expandable facility in Ho Chi Minh City called initially for production of the company’s line of linear transformers. Zettler also operates a primary manufacturing site in Xiamen, China. For more info, see www.zettlermagnetics.com