Optimized Planar Transformer Platform Delivers up to 800W Power Capability in Small Footprint

May14_PulsePulse Electronics Corp. has launched a new planar platform, which increases throughput power for Pulse’s planar SMT transformers by 50 percent over transformers of comparable size to deliver up to 800 watts of power capability. These transformers are used for isolation and voltage conversion for switched mode power supplies in datacom and intermediate bus converter applications.

Pulse Electronic’s PH9278NL planar transformer is built on Pulse’s new ER25+ platform and can be customized depending on the application. The platform measures 33.5 by 26.8 by 18.3 mm and delivers 50 percent greater power than transformers built on an ER28 platform which measures 35.5 by 30.5 by 12.6 mm. The increased power is achieved by increasing the effective cross-sectional area of the core by 40 percent. This results in lower core losses for a given number of winding turns. Additionally, copper losses can be reduced by removing some winding turns. The cost-effective flat coil windings have 50 percent lower direct current resistance compared to multilayer PCB technology and the core design allows for a compact inter-connection and termination of the winding elements.

“Traditional planar core transformers have a non-uniform flux distribution, resulting in areas of high flux density that require additional winding turns to avoid excessive heating,” said Gerard Healy, field application engineer, Pulse Electronics Power Division. “Pulse has used modern finite element analysis techniques to analyze and optimize the core design to balance the flux distribution and increase the effective cross-sectional area without increasing the core size. This new platform enables us to increase the power capability of Pulse’s planar transformer portfolio and offers a significant advantage compared to using existing traditional cores.”

Pulse’s planar transformers are RoHS compliant and meet standard EIA481 requirements. They are available in tape-and-reel packaging. Lead time is eight weeks. The price ranges from $3.75 to $4.95 for quantities up to 50,000 pieces. Pricing varies according to order configuration and destination. Further details are available here.