Power Magnetics, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years

April 22_PMIPower Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) recently celebrated its 45th anniversary in design and manufacturing of highperformance and reliable custom transformers, AC reactors and DC inductors. “Power Magnetics has just completed its latest strategic plan and we are in the process of implementation as we look towards significant growth over the next few years,” said Carl A. Bannwart, the company’s president.

“We are seeing an increasing need for our single and three-phase trap reactors,” said Bannwart. “Particularly, the single-phase harmonic trap reactors are in high demand, and they’re being deployed in the harshest environments in the world: deserts, extreme altitudes nearing 15,000 ft., ocean platforms and the arctic circles. These are in power conditioning applications for oil and gas, mining, solar, wind, communications, and renewable energy industries. We tend to get the call from customers when there is a need for an extraordinarily rugged product, and the cost and feasibility of replacement in the field for these type of units is prohibitive.”

“We are re-inventing ourselves as we adapt to a changing market,” said David Leis, Power Magnetics’ National Sales Manager. “Even with the current economic softness, PMI continues to expand into new markets, including those in the energy-related industries. With the products we manufacture being used in the most extreme conditions, in the most remote regions on the planet, and meeting the toughest specifications by being produced to the highest standards in existence, I think you can say we are a ‘world-class’ manufacturer of reactors and transformers.”

“We are pouring resources into additional training to improve our quality program, as well as strengthening leadership and management training,” said Bannwart. “It’s important to place emphasis in these areas for the future of the company.”

Power Magnetics, Inc. is also converting to a new ERP system and continuing to move towards the automation of certain systems to enhance customer service and responsiveness, already well-regarded in the industry.