API Technologies Magnetics, Inductors and Transformers

May-19_API-Spectrum-ControlAPI Technologies produces a broad range of magnetic devices, including a variety of transformers, inductors, chokes, coils and custom application-specific solutions.  API Magnetics is a key supplier to many of the world’s leading OEMs, serving the military, aerospace, medical, telecom, transport, RF and industrial/test measurement markets.

The API Magnetics team specializes in designing custom products to meet your company’s needs.  We will provide great flexibility in designing and building a magnetic device specifically for your application. The end result is the highest quality magnetics consistently manufactured to meet some of the industries stringent requirements.  These standards include MIL-PRF-27 or MIL-STD-981 and whether formal testing or the ability to demonstrate compliance by design is necessary.

API’s engineering team will bring a wealth of experience in helping your company find the ideal magnetic product for any application.  Our commitment to quality begins with a rigorous raw material selection and inspection process and continues through a highly trained operators utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

For more information visit http://eis.apitech.com/magnetics.asp.