September 2012

  • Permanent Magnet Motors in Application
  • A Long-term View of Critical Materials: From Coal to Ytterbium
  • MEDER electronic Announces 3-D Magnetic Mapping Of Reed Sensors
  • MotorSolve v4 with New Switched-Reluctance Analysis & Enhancements to Thermal Module
  • CST Launches New Product CST Boardcheck
  • AVX’s Multilayer Organic High Current Inductors Now in 0402 Size
  • Schindler 400AE Machine Room-Less Elevator System Now Offers PORT Technology
  • Omron to Release High Capacity DC Power Relay
  • New Magnetic Charging System from BuQu Tech, Brings Next Generation in Packaging and Power to Apple and Android Smartphones
  • Pulse Electronics Introduces a Ferrite Sheet Antenna for Near Field Communications
  • Emerging Opportunities Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market Globally
  • Agilent Technologies Signs Exclusive Supply Agreement to Provide Components for LipoScience’s Vantera Clinical Analyzer
  • Global Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors Industry

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