Magnetorestrictive Sensors from Temposonics, Now Part of Amphenol, Overcome Underwater Explosions

Magnetostrictive sensing specialist Temposonics, formerly MTS Sensors, has developed a new series of linear position sensors for use in areas exposed to flames or corrosive substances, meeting a growing demand for explosion protection solutions in power generation, chemical plants and oil platforms. 

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the T-Series TH position sensors now with higher ratings,” explains Eugen Davidoff, approvals manager.” They provide enhanced ingress protection and other features for challenging situations. 

They can perform exact position measurement when installed under water and have passed testing for 7 days at a depth of 100 meters. Their extremely accurate, non-contact magnetostrictive measuring method is particularly suitable for demanding applications. Due to the technology, the sensors are pressure-resistant and unaffected by vibrations and shock. Since no moving parts are mounted, they are very durable and require no maintenance. 

In June, the former MTS Sensors returned to its roots with a new name, Temposonics, after being acquired in April by Amphenol, a provider of interconnect, antenna and sensor products. “The combined strength and breadth of our companies’ highly complementary sensor product portfolios will allow us to offer our customers an expanded array of innovative technologies across multiple end markets,” noted R. Adam Norwitt, president and CEO of Amphenol. Temposonics has 443 employees and sites in Luedenscheid, Germany and in USA at Cary, North Carolina. See