Endress+Hauser Reaches Milestone of 3 Million MagMeters

Measuring devices for megacities. Endress+Hauser produces flowmeters for water supply pipelines up to 3 meters in diameter. 

Since 1977, Endress+Hauser has sold over three million electromagnetic flowmeters while consistently innovating in metrology. “We could not be happier about the continuing demand for our flowmeters and the milestone of three million devices sold. This success is based on the high product quality that we have consistently delivered to customers for decades,” says Mirko Lehmann, managing director for flow measurement. 

Magmeters are universally applicable in the water management, chemical, life sciences, mining and food industries and require virtually no maintenance. They measure the flow of electrically conductive fluids in pipelines with high precision. Their unique feature is that magmeters can be installed both in very small pipelines with diameters of just 2 millimeters as well as in those with diameters up to 3 meters. Pipelines of this size are used, for example, to supply megacities with sufficient drinking and process water. Magmeters measure even these huge water quantities with maximum precision. 

“Over time, magmeters have been successfully established in all industries worldwide,” adds Lehmann. “The innovations developed by Endress+Hauser always aimed to provide additional benefit, thus not only measure the ‘classic’ flow rate but also the quality of a fluid with one and the same device. For example, due to built-in temperature and conductivity sensors for comprehensive process monitoring or detection functions that immediately report undesirable buildup in the pipeline.” 

The numerous approvals that have been granted are one of the main reasons for versatile applications including for drinking water, hygienic or sterile applications, permanent use under water or underground to measure corrosion resistance as well as for custody transfer or for use in ships on rough seas. The robust design withstands tough environmental conditions, even enabling their use in the mining industry for measuring ore slurries with sometimes fist-sized rock fragments. 

Through constant research and development in sensor technology and signal processing for decades, Endress+Hauser has developed high-quality magmeters with numerous functions that can be integrated into complex applications with measurement and control technology. Based in Reinach, Switzerland, the company constantly adapts its product line to new market requirements and customer needs. 

Picomag smart plug-and-play magmeter in pocket-size format 

One of its recent developments is Picomag, a smart plug-and-play magmeter in pocket-size format. Due to its compact design, Picomag can be installed into any pipe up to 50 millimeters (2″) in diameter and is designed to provide numerous electronic interfaces such as Bluetooth and IO-Link technology for Industry 4.0 integration. 

Endress+Hauser’s’ expanded Level & Pressure facility in Germany 

Beyond its sizeable business in magmeters, the company also employs innovative electromagnetic design in its magnetic level switches that are part of its growing level and pressure division. It recently invested 46 million euros to expand its Maulburg, Germany site which is a center for level and pressure measurement technology. With roughly 2,000 employees, Maulburg is one of the Endress+Hauser Group’s largest locations. “The new buildings will allow us to cope with the growth stemming from previous years,” said Dr Peter Selders, managing director of Endress+Hauser Level+Pressure. For more info, see www.endress.com